About me

I am a PhD student in Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Tinbergen Institute under the supervision of Olivier Marie (EUR) and Nadine Ketel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). I hold a Research Qualification from the Tinbergen Institute, a Master in International Economics from the Erasmus School of Economics, and a Master of Laws from the Erasmus School of Law.

My main research interests include the economics of crime, education, discrimination, and labour economics. In my PhD thesis, I focus on the causes and mechanisms behind unfavourable socioeconomic outcomes. You can find more information on my research here.

Research news:

 Dutch newspaper NRC

 Dutch newspaper NRC and by NOS Stories (a social media channel of the Dutch national news)

 with Olivier Marie and Marco Musumeci

 Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad

 Marie and Marco Musumeci is out! 

You can contact me at hanemaaijer@ese.eur.nl.